Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aluminum Boats.

I am suspending the weekly lyric feature for one day to tell you about a righteously scary experience I had visiting Florida last spring.

Some CR friends and I traveled to Florida for a week after camp was over. We are doers, not sitters, so we decided to go canoeing on a beautiful morning. We got into these amazing silver canoes in order to go down the river.

and down the river CR went.

as most of you are aware, "...That Girl" is not such an outdoorswoman (word?? not sure) but I will do almost anything to promote community...including eating at Golden Corral (Seth that was for you...)

so down the river I went, too.

About halfway through our excursion (glad I didn't know it was only halfway over) when the experience turned into a "remember that time" story.

You see, on this beautiful, sunny Florida day, it began to rain.
But it didn't just rain. It poured.

and then the lightning came.

perhaps it's key to remind you that we were in silver boats. As in aluminum boats. As in "might as well be holding a lightning rod in a bathtub out in the middle of a field" aluminum boats.

But there was nowhere to go except onward. In the midst of a lightning storm. We didn't have any choice. At first we stopped for a few minutes and then we carried on.

It was a really scary experience, but the summer before during our after-camp excursion, I was thrown out of the boat while whitewater rafting and thought I was going to die, but my friend Bill got me to safety. In comparison, it was nice to have a whole bunch of my dearest friends in it with me this time.
Some were crying, some were laughing. this time I was in the crew laughing. I believe I did use the term how green is my valley right now at one point (thank you Ashley Stockingdale.)

The worst part was wanting to be done rowing. I hated those paddles with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but I also have never been so relieved to see the shore.

The storm was raging, but I didn't notice it that much after a while. That's the thing about life. You can be blinded by the lightning or soaked to the bone by the rain, or you can listen for the gentle whisper that reminds you: just press through. It's worth it.

and just for the record: I prolly will stay away from aluminum boats from now on.


Carol said...

This reminds me of a quote I have on Andrew's page..."Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." (unknown)

lena said...

ah lauren!
i miss you...
and i like this story. and your conclusion at the end about listening for the whisper. it reminds me of the story in 1 kings. (you know, the one that God taught us a lot through on the journey last may. "stop striving" was a big part of the lesson...) ah i think i'll go read it right now...
p.s. you are so lovely.

beverlyj said...

THAT dear friend is one of the many reason you will never never never (did I mention never?) find my big booty on a boat of any kind.