Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Morning Mind Dump - 2/21/08

  • What's up with the NY Times waiting a while to release the McCain story? Something rotten in the state of New York...and other places.
  • No school for Laur today. Which means I haven't been to a single class this week. No school tomorrow either. Ack. I kind of forget how to go now.
  • Nicole got the third season (and let me borrow, b/c I'm the only friend she has that will watch it with her...) of that wretched but interestning show "Beauty and the Beast" for you older blog readers, it had Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman and was set in the sewers of NY. I knew there were beasts (aka RATS) down there, but not 6'3 ones!!
  • Seth still has his headache so please keep praying for him to feel better. He's going to the doc today, I think.
  • I hate it when Seth is sick and we have bad weather on Thursdays because he got all of his meetings moved to Tuesdays so that he could watch Grey's with me in Oakland City. :(
  • Check out Keith Meece's new blog sometime soon. He is a good friend and a pastor. He and his wife Jo Ann and their sweet son Noah are definitely a blessing to me!
  • I got some really pretty nail polish from Terri. it's so cute and opaque. It's called "Bubble Bath" by OPI. Now that I have pretty much stopped biting my nails, it's quite a treat to paint them!
  • I infected my roommate with the flu/bronch bug I had. Rachel is sick now too. Dang it!
  • I am really looking forward to spring right now. I miss the sunshine today.
  • little Andrew is feeling sick today. Pray for him please.
  • The financial support is coming in strong for my Haiti mission trip in June. God has provided my deposit already that is due on March 1 and it's awesome not to worry and let God have control!
  • I am now going to watch "No Reservations" (such a GREAT film) with my bests here at school and I'm super excited!

be careful in the weather! xoxo