Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Pray Without Ceasing..."

I would first like to thank everyone for praying for me as I have been sick the past few days. They're working...I'm feeling much, much better!

Since y'all are such good pray-ers, (lol), I would like to ask you to consider the following in prayer:

  • The Melhiser Family as they are grieving the loss of their husband and father, Jim
  • Travis Burkhart and his family - Travis was in a terrible accident during the ice storm and had some severe head trauma (Travis's brother, Ryan is married to Krissy, Jim Melhiser's daughter, so the family has been through SO MUCH recently and they really could use our faithful prayer on their behalf)
  • Courtney, Carol, Andrew, and Isaac as they have to wait for the results of the trip to Texas (see the link on my blog for details) and that the docs will have encouraging news!
  • My sweet Seth is down with a migraine. yuck.
  • Our little friend from church was in an accident today. She's okay, but shaken up quite a bit.
  • My best's (ashley) hubby-to-be has a big job interview in Greencastle on march 5.
  • The high-school girls who just went on the Chrysalis last weekend. (Shout out to Sarah and Aimee-I know you read the blog. Keep pressing in to Jesus. You'll never be sorry! :)
  • My professor, Dr. Leuze, lost his mother last week. My professor, Dr. Low, lost his mother-in-law last week.
  • Adam Arvin
  • My friends Jeremy and Katie (check out the Crossroads link) welcomed Wyatt Josiah into their family
  • My friend Annie and her co-workers as there is a crazy guy on the loose stealing things and he recently tried to break into her car while she was in it. If I was not such a scawedy-pants I would sooo go on a stakeout and give him some Mace in the face (along with a tract of course! lol.)

so pray with me! Because as my friend Kathy says, "All of Heaven moves when we pray."

she is sooo right.


Carol said...

Love the prayer requests! Where is your friend interviewing in Greencastle? I grew up in nearby Bainbridge and might know of a connection. Let me know!

Lauren said...

He is interviewing at the probaton office up there.

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