Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Life of Sundays.

Today was a most wonderful day. Not because I bungee jumped, or I found five bucks, or I got a golden ticket on American Idol. Today was just a good day.

[Those have been hard to come by in the last few months.]

After my mom died, I missed celebrating just plain ol', regular, good Sundays because every Sunday that we spent together before she went to be with Jesus, after my church's service, we would come home, put our comfy cozys on and take a nap. Or mama and me would stay half-awake and talk in her bed as we drifted in and out of sleep. Yes, I am proud to say that sometimes I still slept in my mom's bed even after it was "age-appropriate" to do so. I can't even describe how thankful I am for those beautiful moments now. We talked about everything from how to be a Godly woman to the events of the week to boys to family issues and all that was in between.

Since her death, Sundays have not been the same. It's been difficult to think about facing yet another week without her. And although I like to think that sometimes I am brave, when I think about facing a life of Sundays without her, I don't feel so brave anymore.

But God is faithful and He is the One giving me strength to face each Sunday without my biggest fan and cheerleader.

And today He gave me such a gift. A good Sunday.

First of all, I heard from the Lord on two big decisions this weekend, and both of them were confirmed at church this morning. [more on that later...] Then I headed to Bicknell where I discovered that my love's vote went well (see previous post...) and he is now officially the Senior Pastor at FBC Bicknell, shepherding a community of people I love a little more every day.

As if those things weren't enough, I went out to lunch with some delightful people. There is nothing like sharing a meal, being silly, and learning people by heart.

It just kept getting better.

But my favorite part of the day were the little, mundane, regular things that Seth and I did today. We spent some of the afternoon "cleanting" with Caedmon's Call's best album blaring as we sang along. We also collaborated on carpet and paint choices for the sweet parsonage Seth will be living in soon. And he helped me develop a graphic for the retreat. (More on that later.)

But the best of all was Seth and I laughing and talking and hanging out with all of our "shenanigans and tomfoolery" (as Matt Orth calls it.). Then I got to come home and watch a couple of my favorite Grey's episode with my dear Jami.

The everyday things of this Sunday all contributed to make it so wonderfully special in its' simplicity.

And I keep thinking, although life is different now, a life of Sundays like this one are something I can definitely look forward to.


Terri said...

Oh, Lauren.... how I loved your mama... thanks for sharing...