Monday, February 4, 2008

Wallpaper = Ridiculous.

I spent the afternoon tearing down wallpaper in the parsonage with my love. I hate wallpaper, and my fingers are too tired for me to type anymore.


Beverly said...

I've got a tip for you! Use fabric softener and water mix (half and half) and wet the walls with that. Just dig in a sponge and wipe it all over the walls. Make little cuts on the paper so it can soak in. There is a hand tool made just for cutting the paper just right. Then the paper (glue and all) just peels right off. I bet you wish you had talked to me sooner!

Beverly said...

oops that was supposed to be dip in a sponge not dig in:)

Seth Alexander said...

That's what we did Bev. It did not work that well.

rybreadkiller said...

so i've often thought that, as a male, the worst thing you could ever do with your significant other is shop for wallpaper.

i hate it too.