Monday, February 11, 2008

Exhaustion + Crafts+ Priorities = a surprisingly good time?!

Seth and I are both tired. In every way. (check out his blog for more details) In fact, I cancelled Bible Study because of totally and completely consuming exhaustion (also haven't been sleeping well.) But in our visions of grandeur, we had set today aside to work on some really cool journals to give to the girls who are going to the retreat we are serving on this weekend. Little did we know...

It's taking forever, and we are dang tired. (They are soooo cute, though.)

We are trying to figure out priorities in both of our lives and discovering (gasp) that the truth is, Good Blog Reader, there are limits to what we can do. (oooh, I just felt like I typed a dirty word!) In fact, we looked at each other late this afternoon and knew that there was no way we were going to finish those journals by Friday. The best part is that we actually looked at each other and admitted that there was simply no way.

So we decided to wait and give them to the ladies going on the women's retreat in March.
(yes, GBR--if you are doing the math, that's two retreats, plus the one at the end of February I am leading. yep, limits have never been my strong suit.)

Then we went to Mi Pueblo and proceeded to call each other out (gently, of course) on things that are making us tired and doing no good. Things that we can put lower on the list so that we can stay sane (and have quality time with the Lord and others). My favorite quote from Seth tonight involves a Bible Study that I am in. It wears me out and isn't doing me much good at all, but I don't want to quit and not be "faithful"... This is what he had to say: "I know your heart. I know you are faithful to things. But I am telling you right now that you should quit. It's okay to quit."

I love and value that man because not only does he not condemn me for not loving this particular study, but he also speaks freedom into me as I do not like to be "that girl" who quits things in the middle. But I really needed someone to tell me it was okay. And he did.

Plus, we had a lot of fun today. I love that he is not too proud to decoupage.

and I am not too proud to admit my limits. Maybe someday it will no longer be a dirty word to us.


Michal said...

MMM...what a good lesson to be learned. :) I think we all need to learn to limit our time so He can work through us. I know I do.