Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Zac Efron's Appearance at Cox Hall and Other Strange Happenings of the Day.

The girls at Cox Hall made out with Zac Efron (think High School Musical) tonight. Now, GBR, I know what you are thinking: "I thought Laur ran that place with a solid moral compass! what happened to modesty?"

well, great news. They didn't actually make out with him per se.
Instead, they planted smooches on his magazined face while blindfolded. YES, tonight my girls played pin the kiss on Zac Efron. WOW. I couldn't believe it myself.

ew ew ew ew ew ew.

ew. he is soooo overrated.
However, that can mean only one thing: My favorite holiday is coming because we definitely had a Valentine's Day Party at Cox Hall tonight. Leigha and Heather did a supremely legit job handling the party, which included the aformentioned game as well as valentine-making contest, a BINGO game, and a V-Day quiz. All of this has really gotten me excited, considering that there are only two more days until my favorite holiday! everyone get ready. not to mention, I have a hot date that's completely a surprise [although i plan to figure it out and crack the code always:] with my sweet and charming boyfriend.


I am also watching one of the most romantic movies ever made...which happens to be directed by another Ephron...(NORA, that is.)

love it!

a little snippet for you:
Joe Fox: Don't cry, Shopgirl. Don't cry.
Kathleen Kelly: I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.
by the way, my roommate made a really, really cool valentine with my help tonight. It had the Loch Ness monster and it said "Our Hearts are Loch-ed together."
Even Nessie loves her some V-DAY!