Saturday, February 9, 2008

Community + Answered Prayer.

After years and years of seeking the Lord to find someone to mentor me spiritually, God finally opened a new door for me today! (Dee says it's the year of open doors, so...)

I have desired an intentional relationship with someone spiritually seasoned and mature (T-that does NOT mean old!!) who can challenge, encourage, and hold me accountable as I grow in Christ. There have been many opportunities but it has never quiite worked out.

To make up for this, God has sent wonderful women into my life who each teach me a different aspect of how faith integrates with life. Julie just loves on me. Dee teaches me about prayer. Kathryn encourages me to love people more. Vicki is really good at investing in people's lives. The list goes on and on. These are beloved women in my community of faith who have spent much time to be Jesus to me in so many ways, especially since they were all really good friends of my mom's as well.

Today the Lord allowed my dear friend Terri and I to enter into a very intentional, all-up-in-ya-business kind of mentorship. And man, is it such a blessing and so needed for both of us. I really hope I can encourage her as much as she encourages me and my family. (BONUS: My mom lovedlovedloved Terri and I think that is pretty special too...who knew what God was gonna do later?) It's nice to be totally honest with someone and know that they possess enough knowledge of your heart to realize you didn't mean what you actually said, but something else...

It's interesting that in the midst of all the chaos, God is again doing something unexpected by providing this relationship I so deeply need and have longed for. Someone I can really let down my guard with and learn how to be more like Jesus in the process of transparency and vulnerability. I feel like Jonathon:

"Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf..."

It's really good. I am really blessed. Thanks Terri!!


Terri said...

"Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow!"