Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boo Bad Weather.


I am giving the nasty slushy grossly disgusting bad weather two thumbs down. (If I had more thumbs, I would put them down too.)

I am sad because Seth and I were supposed to go "Rock On" [see previous post] at a sweet concert with beloved members of our community tonight. But the freezing rain is keeping us all bundled up in our respective locations, and I miss my delightful FBC Bicknell friends!!


I am also so bored that I am watching Carman on TBN just for kicks. Somebody help!!!


BeckyB. said...

i'm so annoyed with weather men and their bad suits... and myself... because from my point of view, the roads are totally drive-able out there and i shouldn't have been such a big-baby-chicken!


Lauren said...

That's okay, I was a chicky too.