Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Five: Mangy Moniker Edition.

This Friday, I have collaborated with two of my bests to bring you this week's stellar countdown. My dear friends Jami and Amber have had a history of choosing weird names for their pets, and I decided to count down my favorites for you today.

5. Jack Sprat. Amber's tiny tadpole that didn't make it due to the Beta Fish in his tank eating all of his food. A tragic end, but such a legit name for a tadpole.
4. Tosca. Meaning, "of Tuscany," Jami's kitten met a tragic end as Jami's dog Max "accidentally" ripped her throat out when she tried to eat his dog food. Tosca wandered around in circles for a long time because of the nerve damage, and sadly enough she 'wandered' away from the farm one day. But Tosca is still a treasured name and memory.

3. Goldflop and Goldbowl, offspring of Goldenrod. Jami says she named Goldflop due to its' tendency to flop out of places.

2. Nervous Breakdown. Another of Jami's farm cats whose mother's name is Nervous Wreck. I wish I could make this crap up.

drumroll, please...

1. Young Arnold the Cat. YATC, also known as "The Nasty Old Man Cat" around the Vaughan farm because of his promiscuous ways.

Some people will notice that "Angie Daddy" did not make the cut....

But I still ADORE her.
I am indebted to Jami and Amber for help with today's post.

(No animals were harmed in the production of this blog.)


BeckyB. said...

Fun count down.

We once had a ferret named Wiggy. If you had met our ferret, you'd understand why he was named Wiggy.

I had a cat named Down Town Kitty Brown. We called her Down Town for short.

My brother currently has a rooster named Ernesto.

I now have a cat named Tigress. Didn't really plan that one, though.

LOL- great topic :) I could go on for days!