Friday, October 18, 2013

Thus Far.

Three years ago today, we met Tabbi, Heather and Ty for the first time as they came to live with us. 

God took two very imperfect adults and made them a little less selfish and a little more patient. 

He took three tiny broken hearts and helped them discover that they are wanted and made them the heroes of our family's story. 

His love has truly covered a multitude of things and against all odds he breathed on us, creating a family where five strangers once stood. 

Year Three has been the best yet, full of wonder and connection and what felt exhaustingly impossible and elusive early on, and all of you -- OUR PEOPLE -- know that he did what he said. 

God. It was just all him. Every page of this tale has held his fingerprint-his stamp of new life- beginning when he trusted us with these awesome kids, and he has been the thread woven throughout our little tribe, holding us and stitching us back together when we felt everything unravel-sometimes with them, sometimes with us. 

He took an interest in healing them (and us, in a lot of ways) and our breath has caught in our throats over how GOOD he is at this kind of thing.

There is always going to be more healing work to be done, but today I turn around and echo the words of Samuel as he set a stone of remembrance
--an Ebenezer--
"Thus far The Lord has helped us." 

With a big wink to the heavens, today I am raising my Ebenezer, my stone of remembrance. 

I'm astounded as I whisper "I won't forget what you've done here, Lord. I won't forget this."