Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Begin

It's very hard to come back to all of you after such a long separation. Partly because I am embarrassed that it has been this long, and partly because so much has happened since I shared with all of you last time.

I took a new job in the healthcare field

I moved into a new place with my friend Margaret from church until the wedding

I planned/am planning a wedding

You see, I am learning how to begin a new life. A life shared not only with my God, but also with this person I love and who is becoming part of me and vice versa. It's interesting and beautiful and distracting and fun and challenging and this guy's pants just ripped on American Idol that I Tivoed so I am losing my train of thought.

Just seeing if you were paying attention.

I think that God's desire is for us to learn to live a new kind of life not just during periods and seasons of transition, but daily as we strive to surrender ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit and to the Gospel of Love and Truth.

He is good. My life is good, and although you won't hear from me as much in the next few weeks as we prepare for this exciting and amazing transition, I pray that you'll consider how God may desire you to live a new life...

Maybe it means
finally letting it go
quitting that bad habit that separates you from Him
moving out of that ungodly relationship
taking a risk for His Glory
letting Him chip away the walls around your heart
learning to 'love in the Spirit' (as my friend Grace said last night)

I know what it means for me...and it's not all roses and sunshine around That Girl--the chances to live out redemption are begging to be taken all around me and the challenge is to live out what I believe in EVERY aspect of my life. I am praying God will show me how to begin.

I hope you will too...

(PS 37 more days!!)

(PPS I couldn't resist)


Chelsa said...

i was just wondering if you had stopped blogging or what! good to hear an update from you!!

Guatmama said...

Continuing to pray for you until you are united in marriage and thereafter! HealthCare, who knew - way to go!
Good to see you the other night and get one of your hugs!

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

Best of luck to you as you begin this new phase of your life. Marriage is challenging but such a blessing! I pray that everything goes well, that you don't stress too much and that you enjoy every moment of the next 37 days!
And, that guys pants ripping made me laugh out loud - that was so funny!

Jessie said...

Lauren, I'm so happy for you! You deserve all the happiness in the world :)

Anonymous said...

Billy- I miss you!!!

Josh and Kristi said...

I missed you! I can always count on you to make me laugh:) Enjoy these days of anticipation...

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

Good luck, bless you!

More Every Day said...

Oh dear friend! I bet you are just planning the best, memorable, most special wedding because you are so special. I want details, but I'll be patient and wait to hear about it and see pictures arterward, I guess. :) Anyway, enjoy every minute of it because it goes so fast!