Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Party on the Grassy Knoll.

My kickball birthday party was held on Monday night on the Knoll. We nicknamed a particular area of campus "The Grassy Knoll" and somehow it caught on and spread like wildfire and three years later that is what a lot of Mighty Oaks call it.

Of course they had a really uncool team name.
Meet "The Stuff"
L to R:
Micheal, Ryan, David, Thomas, Seth
Micheal and Ryan are my neighbors, David works for Campus Life at OCU, and Thomas is a friend from FBC. Clearly they were all dressed to win.

The best looking Kickball team ever to lose in a ten-minute game.
"Team Snaggle"
A snaggle is a weapon much like a Triton developed by taking a plastic fork and breaking out the two middle points.
you really had to be there.

Ah! The beautiful cup-CAKE. Made of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes covered with the most awesome frosting to cupcake ratio.

The bandanas the girls used to represent the best team ever.

A mini-candy bar for the 'ballas.

Treat bags for everyone. I love Hot Tamales!

Janky teeth from the frosting. Turns out all those pretty colors look pretty unappetizing when mixed together.

I received the blessed gift of the Heifer plates. These are plates that have been a part of the Vaughan family for a while now, and since my sweet roommate Nicole is leaving, I get the pleasure of using these plates for now.

My favorite kickball player.

Jami (in the Harvest gold shirt--everyone has a shirt this color from fourth grade softball or soccer) and Amy, Kasey, and Kris10 on the bench.

Amy is enjoying this cupcake. I will have to bring her some box mixes when she and Andy leave for HONDURAS to do missions full-time and we come to visit her there.

BFFs with a zest for chocolate and life.

Amy and Molly Jo...Molly Jo has the sweetest temperament and is possibly my favorite dog in the world. I have heard her bark only twice. UNLIKE Riley Cujo Thompson.

Sorry, Molls. No chocolate for you!

Kris10 and Kaci enjoying the cupCAKE

Yahi and her infamous Camp Allen T-Shirt.

Frosting fight...that ratio of frosting to cupcake was just begging for it.

"The Aftermath"

The frosting color manufacturers should call "Baby Poop."

Kristyn means business. She's leaving it all on the field, folks.

Kasey, we want a REAL pitch this time.

My precious roommate Nicole taking "The Stuff" to school on offense.

Look at the intensity!

Megan walking/running the bases. It was hot out, okay?

Look at That Girl's hustle! The back view is not that great. Shouldn't have had that cupcake.

Intimidation. A La Whitney.

Jimmy thinks he's Beckham or something.

With that half-hearted attempt at a beard I suggest a lot of night games, Konrath. :D

Who is That Girl with all the charisma? And by charisma I mean the ability to trip over her own feet?

Apartment number five. Sort of like Mambo No. 5, without the sketchy Lou Bega white suit and such. Nicole's leaving the OC to go around the world on a mission trip next year, and my heart breaks in a bittersweet sort of way when I look at this picture. I wish I could explain in words what she means to me along with the rest of our lovely OCU gang.

There was some fierce lightning and after Team Snaggle got stomped, we headed into the chapel narthex area to play the Mafia game.

At one point I called them BeBop and Rocksteady because I just knew they were co-conspirators ready to kill off the innocent townspeople.

Kaci looks slightly guilty too.

Dave is having what appears to be a crisis of belief in the background as Jami chews on her twizzlers and kills people off as a card-carrying Mafia member.

i.hate.twizzlers. so this pic of Amy grosses me out. She's like a cirque du soleil Twizzler eater.

He's in the Menards mafia. Loud and proud.

Pippi Longstocking is coming into your world. Eleven countries of it, in fact.

Whitney is also suspicious of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
As you can see, a good time was had by all. The only ones missing were all of YOU! Furthermore, I dare you to think outside the box anout what you can do to build, encourage and strengthen your community of faith.
Team Snaggle FOREVER!


Kasey Ruadh said...

I just want to say how sexy all of us look in these pics, I mean they really bring out my um...pastyness!! Hope you had a great Birthday/ kickball party.

-amber cook- said...

looks like you all had a good time! sorry we didn't make it! let me know if you ever get a chance to do lunch...ill come there and meet you! i love you and miss you!!

The Scrapbook Tree said...

Your talk at the Free Methodist Church in Petersburg was really good. Two of those boys in front were mine. I hope your message got through.

Amanda said...

looks like you had a fun time! i just stumbled upon your blog and it's so inspirational. i love it. :) xoxo