Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Oh, my friends. The kiddies here have been distracting me from all of you. They are a good distraction but I am here to answer your question of "seriouslylaurenwhyhavewebeenwaitingsolongtofindoutwhowonthe40minuteBiblestudy?"
Know that I did indeed, with the help of The Random Integer Generator-I talk like I know what that is-pick a winner! I used this guy:

the integers went up to 20 even though there were only nineteen comments. I had a sweet friend enter someone else via email. Those comment things are tricky as you know.

Anyway, the winner is Lindsey!! Shoot me an email and I will let you choose which one you want, my friend.


Selah's new CD comes out today. What a testimony this record will be to all who have been reading along with sweet Angie. The album is called "You Deliver Me" and features the song Angie, who is the wife Todd Smith of Selah, penned to their daughter Audrey Caroline as she carried her in her womb, knowing that Audrey's time on earth would be short. The song is called I Will Carry You and I know within the depth of my being that this recording will lead people to Jesus just as every other aspect of this redemptive story has. Please buy it and know Him more because of it.


This morning I got up and decided to fix my hair. This is rare for me as I enjoy going to work looking like Frankenstein's Bride. I have found that people are mostly scared to tell me no with this look.
But today I decided to get up and use my friend the Flat Iron. I worked on my hair as best I could and was out the door. On the way into the Student Center, I ran into my dear friends Ryan and Spencer who greeted me. Then Ryan got a weird look on his face and said that I had a sleep line from my pillow or whatever. There goes all my effort! This just goes to show that just because I am conscious in the mornings does not mean that I am either awake or alert. I looked in the mirror for approximately ten minutes and NEVER noticed an impression my face from my pillow. Don't ask me to solve your dilemmas or feed your dog before ten AM. You people are lucky this blog is even COHERENT considering the hour in which I write most of them.

Actually....the more I think about it, that might explain some things. :D