Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Weekend and "The Jumbotron Incident"

Thank you for all of your kind and dear birthday wishes. I did turn 24 in true That Girl style. It involved a women's conference, a surprise party, a Jumbotron and a sombrero.

Because I'd hate for you to run out of reasons to read this blog.

I went to Indianapolis this weekend for that happy yearly time known as Women of Faith.
Sadly I did not get to talk to Lisa Harper but I did have the best nachos of my life on Saturday morning. I got to hear Mandisa sing and she is a powerhouse...she can preach at my church ANYTIME. Steven Curtis Chapman gave witness to the power of God sustaining him and his family during and after the loss of his beautiful daughter Maria. You need to go 'head girl and buy his new album that will be coming out soon. It's going to make you ugly-cry in such a good way.

The speakers were very encouraging and I felt blessed to participate, especially with all of my amazing friends, some of whom went with me and others I ran into. In fact, some of my friends (Hey YA YAs!) threw me a surprise birthday party in the hotel on Friday night involving ballooons, cupcakes and although Christy broke her camera, here's a shot of the cupcakes:

I have the most delightful friends. One of them, Andrea, had her own That Girl experience. She'll be sharing that on the blog this week at some point. It's RICH, people. RICH

On Saturday morning I arose as a 24-year-old woman, and as we all know, 24-year-old women are better dancers than 23-year-old women. So when I went to my seat after a break and found the jumbotron beckoning me to dance, I obliged. Especially since Beyonce was also beckoning "All the Single Ladies" from every speaker. So I got up and started dancing. I'm nothing if not obedient to my leadership. When Mary Graham and Anna Trent and Patsy Clairmont tell me to dance, I will always respond with "Cha Cha or merengue?" As I was shaking my stuff, I noticed that the camera was


different dancers on the Jumbotron as they shook their groove thang like nobody was watching. I should have totally sat down, but I did not. Puh-leeze. For number one they were playing my jam, right?! For number two they would never focus on me. I'm not exactly Fred Astaire dont'cha know.

But the next thing I knew, there is my mug. On the large Jumbotron at Conseco Fieldhouse. It was then I had instant respect for those women who stand up on that stage to preach and let their faces be humongous. It was a split second so I just kept on dancing and I was filled with a strange mix of empowerment and total humiliation. The ultimate That Girl. But then all of my friends cheered, and it made me feel a little better. It also made me feel better to know that the camera adds like 35 lbs (whoever said 10? I beg to differ) and that there's a reason they call it the Jumbotron.

Beyonce, beware. If they like it, then they shoulda put it on the Jumbotron. Oh wait, they DID! And I'd hate to hafta take your job or something.

When I arrived in Bicknell after my trip, my new puppy was waiting for me. And by puppy I mean Seth searched everywhere and finally found me a plush Pound Puppy on a keychain. After this incident, that may be the best for everyone involved. I also received a plug-in for my iPod so it can be used in my car, Frankie the Focus. My iPod is broken right now and has to be sent off but I am excited to have my tunes again someday soon! On top of that, the gift came in a princess gift bag as well as with a princess card that sang to me when I opened it. Oh, the small blessings in life.

Yesterday after church we went to (where else) Mi Pueblo for some of mi comida favorita. Mid-meal I wandered around doing my best imitation of a social butterfly when my dad and Seth waved me back to the table. I should have known it was coming because for the most part they don't mind me talking to everyone I know, because it gives them a chance to get a word in edgewise I think. But this time my BFF Ashley was at the next table and she motioned me over.

Shortly thereafter, I heard the music. Oh gosh, thank goodness I was in a side booth.

Okay, I secretly loved it, especially the fried ice cream. I love any excuse to get a lot of my community together to have a great time, and so tonight we are playing kickball on campus and eating cupcakes. The best gift I can receive is seeing a big smile on the face of someone I love, so with that in mind you can find us on "The Grassy Knoll" doing kid things, eating, playing board games, and laughing our so-called sombreros off. I am excited that there will not be any cameras or Jumbtrons nearby this time.
But you can bet your sweet bippy I will still find a way to retain the title That Girl.


Susan said...

Your joy when you walked into the surprise party was a beautiful thing, I so enjoyed being a part of that! And poor Andrea. Her comment for the rest of the weekend was "and who of all people had to figure that out but Lauren!" But we got sooo many compliments Saturday! Ain't she talented???

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about attending WOF at the end of August!

Sounds like you had an amazing birthday :)

Carol said...

Don't you mean Yumbotron? ;)

Paige said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great weekend.