Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Q and A

It's time for another question and answer blog.

Anybody got a burning question?

Email me or leave a comment.

Ask anything...I dare you!!


Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Shoot, I can never come up with a good question under pressure.. hmmmmm.... What kind of vehicle do you think you'll "replace" poor Darla with?

Is it as weird for you when you read my blog to see Seth's name as it occasionally is for me when I read yours?


Love you! Thanks for stopping by the blog to say Hi!

Greta said...

Of all the places you have lived, or currently live in, which is your favorite town? Why?

Susie said...

Oh I was going to ask the car question and someone beat me too it?? Now I have to think........????? Did you find any lost treasures cleaning Darla out or did you just let it all RIP?

Jennifer said...

If you could talk to any person in the Bible who would it be and why?

Keyly Watts said...

I love to make my husband and our family do this at the dinner table. Tell us: What is your high today and What is your low today?