Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Q and A: Round Four.

Kathryn, my dear Bloggerotsky friend from WA, asks:

What kind of vehicle do you think you'll "replace" poor Darla with?

Kathryn, I think that it goes without saying that I could never truly replace Darla and all the wonderful memories she provided for me, such as getting stranded on the Interstate in other states three different times, making horrendous noises at the drive-thru window, and generally being an eyesore with three cracked windshields...The first thing my sweet boyfriend said was, "I'm sure glad we didn't pay to have the windshield replaced again!"
Now that being said, I did spend the best four years of my life maxing out capacity in Darla's backseat, squeezing more girls in than I had seat belts for bible Study trips to Taco Bell and BFF runs to Starbucks. Yes, it was a bad choice and oh-so-illegal. But we had fun! Also, some of the best conversations I have ever had with God involve Darla. She has also heard me rail, rant, scream, cry, beat my hands against the steering wheel (perhaps therein lies the reason the airbag ceased to deploy...) and of course, sing at the top of my ever-loving lungs.

All that to say many memories were made with Darling Darla, but I will find out if Rex, our Insurance Man says Darla is not worth the effort it will take to fix her. In that case, I believe that my dad has been milling around the idea in his head to go ahead and let me officially have the Ford Focus he bought a year or so ago and get a different car for his "everyday" vehicle.

It's white and although at this moment I cannot recall what year it happens to be, I do know that it has good gas mileage which we all know is excellent for mi vida loca and she seems to have some personality. Haven't decided on a name because I don't want to get too attached in case my dad changes his mind, but obviously for alliteration purposes it will begin with an F. Easy folks, this is a family show: Fiona, Freddy, and Frankie have all been suggested by my sweet friend and adopted little sis Boo Hart last night on our "date" to Garfield's and season 2 of LOST.

As for my dream car, my BFF Jami already happens to drive the thing. It's a bright red G6, and her name is GiGi. I hear when the key turns in the ignition, if you are real, real quiet you can hear the angels sing in heaven and see rainbows vested across the blue sky....

But let's face it, with my habit of placing my car in the back of other people's cars that might not be a good plan. The angels would cry and the sky would turn back if I were to wreck a G6.

Kathryn also asks:
Is it as weird for you when you read my blog to see Seth's name as it occasionally is for me when I see yours?

Yes, Kathryn, it is. I thought it was just me!! =>

(Side note: Kathryn frequently shares on her blog, Expectant Hearts, about her baby boy, Seth, who lived to be two hundred days old. She has a sweet testimony of God's faithfulness in the midst of facing the loss of a child.)

Greta, my sista-friend and mommy of three, asks:
Of all the places you have lived, or currently live in, which is your favorite town? Why?

Oh gosh. Where to begin. Well, let's recap for those of you just tuning in. I still technically, according to all of my official documents and checkbook, live in Loogootee, the town in which I was raised. It is a great city with wonderful people and a Dairy Queen, which is so important. It also has the store that was my mom's pride and joy: Blessings. It is still owned by our family and being run by my mom's BFF, Julie. So that town still holds a big piece of my heart. Of course my dad still lives there in the house I grew up, and I do like going home to visit. It's just hard to be there sometimes because I still half-expect to hear my mama's voice down the hall or up the steps. I love that house; it is where I come from and it helped shape the person I am today.

I have been living in Oakland City for the past five years, with four of them spent in dorm life and the fifth sharing a free-but-tiny apartment with my dear, dear friend and Comrade, Nicole. I do love Oakland City because of the precious memories I have made here at my school with my dearest friends. It has also been the home of many great experiences and the place where I learned more about who I am.

Even though I don't live there, Bicknell also has a special place in my heart because it is where my church family meets and I have a great love for the people in the community. Plus, it is where the love of my life lives! I can always find an excuse to go that town. And heck, what other church in what other community would openly welcome me to try on my Snuggie in the middle of the business meeting...

But I have to say that currently my favorite place to be is in Vincennes with the Thompson family. It's the place I go to be just one of the kids, not an adult. I have really missed that since my mom passed away, and I find it there. They live near a lake, and even though there are lots of people around, it is so incredibly peaceful, especially during the summer. I am indebted to them for letting me have a place to let my guard down and just relax. It is a very safe place for me, a place where there is no judgment if I sleep all day (because they know I haven't had TIME to sleep all week), or come in really late at night (they know I haven't been up to no good, that's just the story of my life...). I can talk, I can be quiet, I can cook for a potluck, I can play on Facebook, I can sing and be silly, watch a movie, go swimming, sit on the swings 'til midnight, or play Wii. The other night Terri even ironed my pants for me...now that is love! And don't forget, there is ALWAYS something yummy in the fridge!!

Sweet Susie asks:
Did you find any lost treasures cleaning Darla out or did you just let it all RIP?

Well, Susie, here's the thing. I haven't gone through it yet because it's still at Craney's in Washington and we just found out this AM that it was fully totaled. ACK.
There are lots of treasures to be found, including my new capri pants from Cato that the saleslady left the ink tag on. I was off to get said ink tag removed when I had the series of unfortunate events with the Aztec. I know my very favorite Bible is still in there (been missing that little guy) as well as some DVDs and my schoolbooks. I think there are also some clothes and such, so cleaning her out will involve a bigggggg trash bag and a lot of patience and love. But the good thing is since they are planning to junk it, I can just leave all the stuff I don't need in the car...I asssume that's how it works...
Miss Keyly asks:
I love to make my husband and our family do this at the dinner table. Tell us: What is your high today and What is your low today?

Thanks for your question Keyly! I will do yesterday's highs and lows since the only thing that's happened to me so far today is that I had to get out of my nice cozy bed (low) and I got to eat free breakfast (high).

Yesterday I got to go have dinner and Starbucks with my dear friend Tater. Tater's real name is Steph, and she has been a missionary in both Saipan and Ch*na. She is a really awesome friend and servant of God, and she is one of those people who never puts fear of your response over telling you the truth in love. We talked about life and Jeus and struggles and joys and obstacles and our callings to preach. She is preparing to go to Ecuador in August and I will miss her so much...guess I have to make plans to fly to Latin America again soon! Maybe I can see my dear Bolivian friend Mari if I go back! Hanging out with Tater was definitely my high from yesterday.

My low was when I was disappointed about something and subsequentlyshed a few tears. Everyone has moments where circumstances don't turn out like we want them to and we are discouraged, but God is the lifter of our heads and he alone knows what we cannot sometimes even articulate in words.

Jennifer over at Not So Sour Lemons (I love that name, her last name is Lemons) asks:
If you could talk to any person in the Bible who would it be and why?

Wow, Jennifer. That's a great question. And as you know, I can't pick just one I don't think. But I will shoot for one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament.

I have so many questions for so many Biblical characters.

Balaam, what was it like to have your donkey give you what-fer?
Esther, did you ever want to punch Haman in the face?
Ruthy, was Boaz as handsome as I imagine him to be?
Eve, was the fruit really an apple?
Lot, do you still use salt?

of course, as you can tell these questions are a little tongue-in-cheek....but there are some serious ones I'd like to ask.

Paul, what do you think of women in ministry in a 21st-century context?
Peter, what was it like that morning on the beach eating breakfast with Jesus and being completely forgiven?
David, will you tell me what Psalm 51:6 means to you?

I could go on and on, but if I had a chance to sit down with anybody from the Old Testament, I think I would pick the prophet Nehemiah. His story of rebuilding the wall and the leadership he showed has really captivated me recently. The way he totally took charge while still giving the people great ownership over the task of rebuilding the walls around the city is so fascinating to me and I think I would totally buy him a Starbucks and make sure I took really good notes as I would ask him to tell me his story:
how he heard from God,
how he stepped out in faith,
how he inspired the people,
how they read God's word aloud,
how he dealt with conflict and opposition,
and I might even let him read a couple of That Girl moments to see if he has good humor or not.

If I had to pick just one person from the New Testament (not counting Jesus) I think I would pick Mary of Bethany. Mary was the sister of Lazarus and Martha, and you might remember a pretty famous exchange between Martha and Jesus over her. Lazarus was also raised from the dead by Jesus here in John. That is the final straw in John's Gospel for the religious leaders, and the wheels begin to turn for Jesus' crucifixion. I am really fascinated with the story of Lazarus because it encompasses the whole theme of the book of John: Jesus doesn't make bad people good, he makes dead people alive. He tells us that in chapter 10, then proves it in chapter 11.
Anyway, back to his sister. Didn't mean to put up a tent and start preaching there.
Mary of Bethany is also found in John 12:1-8 as she goes to anoint Jesus' feet right before his death. She sometimes gets confused with the sinful woman who anoints Jesus' feet in Luke, but I believe that they are two different people.

That is the kind of woman I want to be--a woman who lays down her agenda and her pride in order to know love, and serve Jesus better. I would like to talk with her and see what it was like to anoint Jesus' feet-to pour out all of that expensive lotion and to have Jesus acknowledge what she did as good and holy.

Thanks everyone for your lovely questions! I had a blast answering them. They were thought-provoking.

Bloggerotsky, who from God's Word would you like to sit down with?


Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I LOVED reading these,Lauren, LOVED it! And I KNOW you could never replace Darla.. That's why I put "replace" in quotes like that! And aren't we glad we got that whole "reading Seth's" name thing out in the open! (I'm kind of glad to hear you feel the same way!)

I'd want to speak to God as Moses did in the Old Testament.. I still struggle with Seth's story and I"d love to ask him some questions!!

Love you!!

Chelsa said...

lvoed learning more about you :) you crack me up!