Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That Girl: America's Most Wanted

I had to climb over her to get to my seat, I think.

If I had known, I would have tried to be a bit more graceful.

She introduced herself and we talked a little about my mission trip.

When I asked her, "Jenna, what do you do?" she hesitated slightly before saying,

"I work for a television show."

dang. Now all of you who know just how nosey I am ( quiet. It's been years since I looked in anybody's med cabinet...okay, that's a lie.) know that begged the question:

"Which TV show?"

little did I know my dreams were about to come true. She worked for America's Most Wanted, and for someone like me who thinks that reading Ann Rule books and watching Forensic Files is the bizness,

that is like an Ice Cream fan sitting next to Ben and/or Jerry on the plane. Please!

So here I am, talking about cases with her and she is explaining that they are getting ready to do an update for a now solved case. She is a producer and she helps with certain segments. It's all very fascinating, and did I mention I totally gushed when I asked her if she knew Mr. John "America Fights Back" Walsh.

Keep in mind that while growing up, I loved to watch AMW every single stinkin' Saturday. When I got old enough to surf the internet and John Walsh told me to check out the pics of the 10 most wanted by the FBI, I took the man seriously. We don't play around with dangerous criminals.

The poor girl looked at me and said yes gently when she should have probably said,

"Yes, you starstruck ignoramus. OF COURSE I know John Walsh. His program baby pays my bills and I see him every week..."

Jenna is very nice. I am so thankful for that.

She even gave me her business card

(ACK! at least I did not ask her if she could tell John Walsh hi for me which honestly was what I wanted, but I held back from being too starstruck and I didn't say anything too idiot-like, I am confident. Of course this is based on my daily level of idiocy so it doesn't say too much...)

and then as we endured our harrowing plane trip she did not even snicker when I got my barf bag out. If I would have thrown up, she totally would have helped me, too.

This past Saturday I watched Jenna's segment that was filmed in Albuquerque! She has great talent and did I mention I LOVE TRUE CRIME STORIES? I think I applauded after it was over. Good thing the Thompsons weren't home or that would have wondered why the occupant of the red couch was clapping incessantly at the end of America's Most Wanted.

Maybe I'm just glad I didn't get featured on it as a dangerous driver.