Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our mission trip began in a slightly bumpy way. Our AA flight from Charlotte to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW for you frequent flyers) was peachy. It was so good, in fact, that I was caught catching a few zzz's.

Okay, I was caught in an EXTREMELY unattractive semi-coma.
It's fine to laugh. I did.

after I drop-kicked the person who took this picture, of course.

but as we departed for the plane ride that would take us to Albuquerque,

uhhh, yeah. I had no idea that it was going to feel 200x worse than when I used to slide down our carpeted stairs really hard on my booty.

The ride was okay until we reached our destination. The first time the pilot tried to circle in for a landing, the wind was so strong it practically treated to plane like a rag doll. I looked at America's Most Wanted girl (more on her tomorrow), who at this point had become my friend, and she had her eyes closed. I started to feel really bad. Like, use-the-white-bag-in-your-seat-pocket bad. The pilot evened out and went in again. This time it was worse. For one split second I thought we were going down because the plane dipped so hard somebody in the back let out a gutteral scream.

I thought:

Oh crap. This is why I had a bad feeling today. I am going to have the definitive Come to Jesus meeting right now.

The pilot tried it one more time, and by this point, 15/18 people on my team were feeling woozy, and one girl had tossed her Oreos into her white bag. THANK YOU JESUS I wasn't That Girl for ONE time in my life.

Just thinking about it makes me gag a little.

Then the poor pilot came on over the intercom and said something like this--my silent commentary in the parentheses:

"Well folks, we are running low on fuel and the wind is pretty harsh outside so it's kind of giving us some turbulance issues
(Thank you, Captain Obvious.)
so we are going to take it back to El Paso
(Hallelujah for the sweet mercies of God) to refuel and then try it again (Thank you, I am an ugly puker)."

We moseyed back to El Paso, where I quizzed my dear friend and team leader, Justin Brock, about our flight. Mind you, Justin has been around the world. He has been in more countries than I pretty much even knew existed (Dave Smith was my Geography teacher :D. Kidding. We had great times in that class.). This was by far the worst plane ride he had ever endured as well. We were all woozy and our stomachs were upset, so we were grateful to rest for a while in El Paso, and even more grateful to touch down safely (after which we all applauded Captain Obvious) in Albuquerque to continue our journey.

And I was most thankful of all to have an unused barf bag.


Leslie said...

I'm so glad you made it safely! Sounds like it could have gone either way.

Amy S said...

You are a nutt! Sounds like I would of been "that girl" ha.....Glad you were safe and sound!! love ya!

Jessica White said...

Wow, I can't even imagine this happening! You are so funny when you talk about things though. I have had so many bad dreams about plane rides lately that I am going to be praying like crazy when I head to Africa. Just as God protected you I know He will protect me and He will protect you while you are there and on your way back home. I will be praying.

Kasey Ruadh said...

A similar experience happened to Joel and I as we traveled from Detroit to San Antonio. We circled round and round San Antonio until Joel turned green. We called it Jr. Pilot training day, and now every time we fly we pray to avoid another Jr. Pilot training day!