Monday, March 30, 2009

This One's For You, ED.

So my friend Christy texted me to let me know that she caught her husband Ed reading my blog last night. I told her to tell him to step out of the shadows and walk into the light. Don't be stalker/lurker, be a follower! Loud and proud!

Ed, thanks for reading and I do love ya, buckaroo.

How about anyone else? Do you want to admit it?

come clean. You've been lurking in the dark for long enough!

love you all.


Susan said...

Hey! It was such a pleasure meeting you Saturday! I had read your blog a few times before, now your on my list!!

Christy said...

I think it was the golf cart experience that hooked him!! Lol. Love Ya girl =)

Andrea said...

Ok... I missed the whole golf cart thing u guys had goin on cause our driver was tryin to kill Annette! Lol Been following your blog forever, but since I never told you or left a comment does that make me a stalker/lurker too... :)

Amber said...

Guilty!! Love reading your blog!

whittakerwoman said...

that is the best! H