Monday, March 16, 2009

The Land of Reality.

uh, I don't know if you watch Barefoot Contessa (aka Ina Garten) on Food Network, but on her cooking show, she is doing a series called "Back to Basics."

I was compelled to write this blog when on one of the editions of Back to Basics, she mentions her love of truffle butter and proceeds to use it in her basic recipe (to be fair the episode was about using the oven to cook, whether with low or high heat).

truffle (pigs dig for me and I am expensive) butter...

Okay, Miss Ina. I love ya but TRUFFLE BUTTER is not a basic ingredient for me. Or anyone else I know, for that matter. I am sure truffles are delightful and given what Masaharu Morimoto does with them on Iron Chef America, I am sure they might even be life-changing when I sit down to them (when Jesus is cooking and I can actually afford them), but they are not a basic ingredient for the people of southern Indiana. Here in the land of reality, the only truffle that sees the light of day are those fancy Lindor truffles that have chocolate inside.

Hope your day is Truffle-licious!


Christy said...

I hear ya sister! I LOVE the food network but the ingredients they use I cannot find! Like Pancetta, they always use that and I'm like yep gonna run down to the JayC store and get some of that! I did however use a recipe to make my Christmas Turkey this year... Tyler Florence's Maple_Roasted Turkey. I was to die for!