Monday, February 9, 2009

You have questions? I have answers.

I am opening up this blog and myself personally as often as necessary to form a real and authentic blog community that allows for humanity in our search for divinity.

So hit me with your best shot. not with a weapon though. With everything you have ever wanted to know and more.

anything from:

What is your least favorite emotion? Why do you hate funerals? Why do you love weddings? Why, for the love of everything holy, does everyone call you Lolly?

(Okay, let's stick to questions I can answer though.)

you have such great style. Where do you shop?
(Ok, still hoping someone will ask me that one someday...)

get to it. If you need to email it feel free. Let's see if we can get the STALKERS to quit lurking about and come into the sunshine of the land of ireadthatgirl'sblogandidon'tevenknowherreally.

i'm ready.
love you all!


Carol said...

I'll jump in and get you going.
No offense to Darla, but what would your dream car be?

Also, what song is in your head/heart today?

Susie said...

Does your nickname Lolly have anything to do with Candyland???

And what is your favorite board game/party game???

Keyly Watts said...

Guess who ??? It's your favorite rap/poem sister from French Lick! Pass out Keyly posted!! (maybe - if this gets through!)
I want to know - do you see yourself going on another mission trip? If so, same place or another calling?

Here goes . . . . hitting send now . . .

Christy said...

NO WAY... "The" Keyle Watts!! Man you gotta just LOVE that girl!

Ok so my question is when did you decide you wanted to go into misintry especially women's ministry. AND How many little ones do you want to adopt from over the ocean???

Love ya Girl!!