Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Q & A: Round Three.

Carol said...

I'll jump in and get you going.
No offense to Darla, but what would your dream car be?

Also, what song is in your head/heart today?

Carol, glad you asked!
Although Darla is dear to my heart and has the majority of my earthly treasures piled up in her...

I do love sweet Jami's G6. It's fast and it's red and it's cute. It seems like a cute 'girl car'.

I also really really love the Jeep Liberty. Seth and I love those SUVs and one time when we first started dating, his truck was in the shop and his rental car was....you guessed it. It was AWESOME!

In my head today is the song "Love is Not a Fight" since I watched Fireproof again this weekend. C'mon, it's Valentine Week! Call me sappy but I love that song! I also think those salt and pepper shakers at the end are adorable.
Thanks Carol! Visit her link for me and show her some love.


Susie said...

Does your nickname Lolly have anything to do with Candyland???

And what is your favorite board game/party game???

Thanks for your inquiries, Susie!

Unfortunately, the name does not have a thing to do with Candyland (that I know of, anyway). I was called "Lolly" pretty much from birth and even my aunt Karleen probably doesn't know why, and she originated it!

As far as my favorite board games,
I'm old-school. I love me some Pretty Pretty Princess, only they didn't partner up with Disney back then so the game is a LOT more legit now.

For parties of the more grown-up variety, I always have a lot of fun playing Apples-to-Apples. I have learned that with the right assembling of people, you can have the most hilarious quotations on your facebook wall the next day.

Thanks Susie! Go say hello to Susie!

More Later!!

PS--Way to go, Keyly!! I believed you could fly! I believed you could touch the sky!


Susie said...

I had many, many, many hours of Pretty Pretty Princess with Courtney & Cassie...my girls loved it too..but they lost all the pieces because they liked to get into it and just use it for being a Princess without the game! ha

May have to check into the Apples to Apples game and haven't ever played that sounds fun!