Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I love OCU.

One of the many reasons:

I was sick yesterday and had to go home early, where I tossed and turned, had fever, chills, and body aches along with a headache and a hacking cough.

I got up this morning and needed to come to work because Candace (The admin. asst) was out with her little one, Calleigh, who was feeling badly too. I didn't look, feel, or sound good. As the students came by, they all noticed that I was sick the day before and asked me if I was feeling better and if there was anything they could do.

One of my RAs brought in some cough medicine. Several came by to visit to cheer me up. Another student brought me two cans of chicken noodle soup.

I think it's God's grace and the feeling of family we have at this sweet little place. We are brothers and sisters, and we take care of each other. We belong in the same family, and so we help each other.

Being 'babied' by my sweet friends today was so nice and made me feel so loved!!

Thank you Jesus.


Carol said... sweet. Hope you are feeling better - man, it's really going around. Let me know, I could ask Court to whip up some of his special recipe chicken noodle soup for ya. :)

Kasey Ruadh said...

THis place is a ghost town...
Heather and AJ brought 2 kids for tours today...I said this is Campus Life...and today I'm it!!!

Haa Beaureguard and Gerard came to visit for a bit but other than that I was all by my self!!!!
SO what did I do? BLOG!!!

Leslie said...

I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. But I'm glad you had some good friends taking care of you.

- Leslie

Auna said...

This information is great to know! My daughter, Haleigh, will be going to OCU this fall. It sounds like she will be part of an extended family. Thanks for sharing.