Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I was having a meeting with one of the other leaders of Response (Women's Bible Study on campus) and we were talking about our annual retreat and we decided to have it at the end of this month....

January 30, 31st, and February 1st.


It's either that or not have one since I am working a flight, a walk, and a journey with partridge in a pear tree.

Our theme is "Marvelous Light" and it comes from I Peter 2:9. I will post the graphic as soon as it's done.

But I desperately need your help to make this happen.

1. by your prayers.
2. by your help--

----I need a location! Last year we had it at the Power House, but they closed on Friday night and I would hate to ask them to do that again (although it was an amazing location and worked perfectly...) If you know of a location, such as a cabin that is pretty local and cheaply rented, or a church hall with a kitchen and such, please email me at
----I need donations of food/$$. We ask each girl to pay $20 to attend the retreat this year, but you and I know that even $20 can be a stretch for a college kid. So I am looking for a few of my local blog readers to help out. If you areinterested in donating a batch of cookies or a bag of chips and some soda (or whatever else your heart tells you---chocolate....) please email me at

Thank you, Bloggerotsky....I knew I could count on you!!

Love you all--and thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus!


Candace said...

Like I said, I am sure that you can use our church building if you need to. Let me know and I can get it set up for you if you need it. Also, let me know what food items you need and I will get some food for ya, let me know how much! I have conections in the food dept. I'll keep you and the girls in my prayers!

beverlyj said...

Wabash Trails (Oubaches Trails) has a cabin. Not sure how much it is though or how many it will sleep.

Susie said...

I can donate some sweets or fruit or whatever. Just let me know!!

Love ya!

Mandy said...

Not sure how much it would cost, but Camp Illiana is a nice place... Sending up prayers for you and the retreat!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I sent you an email, did you get it? Praying for your retreat!