Sunday, March 2, 2008


We needed to get away. The ladies and I, that is. Let me tell you, being able to take a nap at a retreat was the most amazing experience for all of us. And it was so good for them to be able to get up and spend lots of unrestricted time with the Lord and have time to really build and nurture quality relationships with one another.

In honor of the Friday Five I missed, I have compiled my top five quotes from this weekend:

5.) Amy: "Does everyone like meat in their sauce
Jami: "I do. I grew up on a beast farm."

4.) Lauren: "That guy's been to Graceland, Rach."
Rachael: "We should ask him if he's been forever changed."

3.) Tiffany: "I need to quit speaking from my wounds!!"

2.) Laur: "Did you get me some ponys?" (hair ties; we like to spell it like this)
Jami: "No."
Laur: "Did you get you some ponys?"
Jami: "No, I got PONYS for ALL!!"

drumroll, please:

1.) "The washer is leaking!!"
--Jane Tiek.

Wonderful weekend. Thanks for your prayers!


BeckyB. said...

Was WONDERFUL to see the crew in church on Sunday! The Spirit of the Lord was so clearly with all of you and it was just a JOY to worship with the girls!!!!!

BeckyB. said...

... was just thinking ...

maybe next time i should get involved with a retreat that includes NAPS!

Lauren said...

That's what I'm about for sure.