Monday, January 5, 2009

Okay, so now that I am chained to my desk again you will be hearing more from me.
Scout's honor. Well, kind of. I was never actually a scout per se.

First off, thanks to Donna R and Tami J., who saw me the other night and made it a point to tell me that I indeed did NOT look anything near pregnant and instead I looked like I had lost weight (God bless your wholesome souls-it's good to have fantastic girlfriends!).


I had a wonderful time spending Christmas with those that I love. My brother Ryan and his wife Shannon, were in town for two whole weeks, so I was busy playing with my nieces and spending time with friends who were home over break. On Christmas Eve, Seth and I cooked for my family and opened presents as is our tradition. The meal was not my best, but it was fun and Seth was very helpful. My girls adore him. I also got a short visit to Seth's parents' home--they are so hospitable and sweet, loving people who are very thoughtful. Seth's niece and nephew were really fun on Christmas day, too.


You would think things like toothbrushes and kitchen utensils would not exactly fill the yule with tide, if you know what I mean. But Julie J. hooked me up with some delightful PINK Kitchenaid tools that I love (hmmm, wonder where she got that idea?) and Seth's mom and dad got me the sweet SoniCare toothbrush I had been wanting in order to avoid further tooth mishaps.


For those of you who have been wondering, Amy and Andy's wedding went very beautifully (anybody who plays Dave Barnes at their wedding holds a special place in my heart) and I chose to read to them the passage from Romans. They loved it. It was one of the most FUN weddings I have been involved with. As their friends started to arrive, we all knew and loved each other deeply and were so happy to see one another! I have never been to a wedding rehearsal where the wedding party had such a great time--our college gang was reunited and I couldn't help but cry at God's goodness and also at the realization that there wouldn't be many more times like the wedding where we were all in attendance and sharing in the joys of our brothers and sisters. The feminine side of our gang, which my roommate Nicole calls 104+1, which stands for the dorm we all shared (104) and our dear friend that had already graduated by then who didn't get to live with us in that room
(hence the +1) received a locket from Amy that is a beautiful reminder of the community we so deeply share and love, and ALL of the hundreds of stories that make us laugh upon every remembrance of them.


Don't worry, my Christmas tidings did not fail to bring you a gift of sorts in the form of a "That Girl..." moment or two...

So I got a Starbucks card from my aunt and uncle and I thought I would go ahead and use it to bring Seth and Bev (who was in the process of cutting his hair at the time at the fabulous Dimensions Salon in Vincennes...shameless plug...

I decided to make a quick run by the ATM. Okay, mistake #1 was assuming that on December 23 I could make a "quick run" by the ATM. HELLO!

So I wait for my turn up at the beautiful machine that gives me cash on demand. Okay, we all know that it doesn't give me cash on demand. But tell me you don't get a happy feeling when it pushes out a couple of twenties your way...
Oh, and I am "That Girl..." who fills out her little paperwork right at the ATM and makes everyone behind her mad. You guys know it's not intentional. As I reach with my card to put it in the little receiver thingy,

Seth calls. Okay, just so you know, I drop everything when I hear that beautiful "Look After You" ringtone by The Fray.

Literally everything.
Including my ever-loving debit card.

yep. right on the ground.

Is it possible for a debit card to dance in the wind a little bit?

Turns out, yes. It flopped like three feet ahead of my car. At first, I thought, I will just open the door a little bit and squeeze on out. Well, as the rap song says, "I get it from my mama." My rumpshaker will not allow such a scenario.

So I reluctantly pull up a little bit and get out. The blessed folks behind me saw what went down with the epic ATM failure and the subsequent dance of the debit, and they took pity on me. Only, when I got out, I was not wearing my adorable polka dot rain boots (fashionable and practical!) and I slipped on the ice. But I didn't FALL DOWN! yay! Now mind you, there is a line forming out the wazoo at Old National, and I am trouncing on the ice trying to pick up said debit card, which is hard to pick up because it is wet and flat. So I finally get it picked up and sheepishly ask the people behind me if I can do the ATM now...
yes. I finally finish my transaction and move on in life from the ATM Trauma.

Oh, and did I mention that Seth had accidentally pocket dialed me? So he didn't even answer. Amazing.


So that's my Christmas experience in a nutshell...

How was your Christmas, dear readers?


Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

OH, Lauren, I'm so glad to see you BACK! (chains and all). Our Christmas was amazingly and surprisingly beautiful. We were truly blessed! I blogged about it a bit but am working and thus, can not take the time to figure out linking in comments for you. Sorry. Glad yours was nice as well!

beverlyj said...

I loved that hot chocolate by the way...made my day. (I was having a not so nice one until then) Thanks for the shameless plug too!