Monday, January 19, 2009

Gatlinburg #1.

This photo is a foretaste of the blogging feast to come regarding my trip to Gatlinburg with Jami this past weekend. Airbrush T-Shirts, mullets, glimpses of Heaven (AKA pancake houses littering the streets...) How could a girl ask for more?

I probably shouldn't make fun of it since the majority of people I know (including my parents) went there for their honeymoon. (please no. i have seen the side of Gat that gives nightmares to small children and overexerts the elderly.)

That being said, prepare yourself for

Gatlin-Bloggapalooza! (okay, that's my working title...)

It will include a guest blog from my fab BFF JAMI as well as a video that might make your whole week.

More pictures to come too.

All in time, folks. All in time.

I leave you with this quote:

Jami (talking to her fella on the phone): "yep, we are on the road to G-Vegas....
yeah, G-Vegas is one of our pet names for it."
Laur: "I like to call it the LA of the Smokies!"