Monday, December 1, 2008

"That Girl..." and the Dentist.

I have a HORRIBLE toothache and a huge fear of going to the dentist.

My dentist is a good friend and awesome at what he does....

But I hate that drilling noise. I have to go at three today--please pray that I find some relief SOON, and that I can recover quickly.

Also, that they are proud of me for flossing more.

I'd like to thank my mama for teeth that the dentist sends his kids to college on. After all, my mom and I both got these teeth that have nothing to them. Thus, the tooth decay is like ants at the circus.

Three pm is doomsday.

oh boy!


Christy said...

My mama also gave me the same teeth. I HATE HATE HATE the dentist. I sit in that chair and have a panic attack. However last time I just kept repeating verse after verse and praying for the dentist (mainly that I didn't punch her). I will be praying hard at 3. Love ya girl!

Chaffin Family said...

Hope your trip to Washington was great!