Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I had a root canal yesterday.

Well, half of one, anyway. They got into my tooth (virtually pain-free, I might add--thanks for covering me in prayer...He was so gentle and gave me no less than five shots of whatever. He said that he had never had a patient complain about being too numb for a root canal!) and found it to have all kinds of nasties, so the drainage was bad. So bad that they had to close it up and let it drain before they can finish the procedure.

I was told that this phenomenon was pretty rare, and it doesn't happen very often.
The doctor was surprised. Guess he didn't know he was dealing with "That Girl..."

What can I say?

I always knew I was one in a million.

Thanks to Christy and Andrea for their encouraging text messages!


Susie said...

I have some interesting dental stories too! Feelin your pain for you. When do you go back for the root canal??? Hope your tooth drains well w/o complication!