Wednesday, December 17, 2008


At the end of my life, I will probably not remember what grades I made in Seminary, or whose girlfriend I was in the fourth grade ( one's if you must know), or what kind of jeans I bought at the mall, or what fragrance I wore, or how much money I made (and spent) in the course of a year.

It won't matter what someone said behind my back, or to my face for that matter, or how many text messages I sent in a lifetime, or how many countries I have visited, or how many times my picture was in my high school yearbook (those were some awkward years...) or how many times I got invited to preach, or how many times I disagreed with someone and was right.

What will I remember?

In the words of Sara Groves,

"At the end of your life your relationships are all you've got."

Today, can you remember the importance of relationship:

with your Creator?
with your significant other?
with your immediate family?
with your dearest friends?
with those who are hurting?
with those who are in need?
with those who suffer?
with those who you consider to be your enemies?

I want to look back and remember building relationships that were actually conduits for God to move.

I know that's probably what you want, too.

So get off your Holy Hiatus and love someone already.



Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

When I need to be reminded that Seth's 6 1/2 month life mattered, I just look at our relationships, new ones with nurses, friends I wouldn't have met had it not been for Seth, old ones, like my sister & my mom, a dear friend who all were here for us when we needed them, my kids and their relationships with each other, with us and with Seth..

It's amazing to me every day how God DOES use those relationships...

Lauren said...

That is beautifully written, Kathryn. It's really important to keep perspective on the Kingdom of God---and how it will make the wrong things right again.

The only thing that lets me grieve with hope is the amazing way God turns things around to give us hope.