Thursday, October 30, 2008

Caption Please.

They are my three nieces, K, H, and E. Notice E's black eye and their strained expressions.

You know the drill. Winner gets a shout out.


Christy said...

Oh Oh Oh I have 2!!

1.) Pumpkins $6.00
Fall Outfits $20.00

Teaching the "lil shrimp" a lesson in trying to steal my eye & priceless!!

2.) Hurry up & take the picture so I can take my little purple bag & mini pumpkin and ditch those 2 goodies!

Susie said...

H = Seriously! Only one picture and no one else ends up with a black eye!

K = I'm the BIGGEST sister I'll save you!

E = Is this really my family?

Not sure I have the initials of your nieces correct??

BTW~I saw your movie star mom last night! AWESOME!

Chaffin Family said...

strange I sent in one that had 3 captions and then gave you a bad time in your other post. did my 3 not show up?