Friday, October 10, 2008

Rocking Out.

A big thank you to Trinity United Methodist Church and the Living Water Recovery Program for inviting me to lead worship at their monthly service last night.

Mark and Josh Sanders are have started a program in Oakland City to help locals find freedom from the bondage of their addictions and find Jesus. Their monthly service is not only open to everyone, but is an encouraging time of hope for the family members of those struggling with addictions as well.

Both father and son have a story to tell and are real proof that free people free people.

We had a very good time and I hope to get to come back again!

Keep Trinity and Living Water in your prayers as God moves in this ministry.

I love singing for Jesus!

Let me know if you need more information about Living Water. They are selling Tee shirts as well to support the ministry.


Elle MD said...

Lauren, I'd LOVE a t-shirt! Mark was the head spiritual director during my Walk last year. He reminded me that I'm God's precious daughter. Today, I sign every journal entry with 'Your precious daughter, Leslie.'

Let me know how I can get one. Thanks!