Thursday, October 9, 2008

My music mix and the joy it brings.

My friend Thomas said the following to me last night:

"Lauren, I have a confession to make. I get on your blog and leave it on during the day to listen to your music," he sheepishly confessed.

Thomas is a man's man--wears suits on a daily basis, works at a funeral home, is involved with politics and loves Civil War Reenactments. I think it's pretty hilarious that he likes the crazy mix of everything from Abba to Shinedown to Rich Mullins found on this here blog.

I know that there are some of you who curse my blog because of the noise it makes. But take heart, as it turns out I am helping people grow in their appreciation of truth and beauty.

and Abba.

Play on!


Chaffin Family said...

I have left it on before just to listen myself. I love the music you play on it.

Ashley said...

Oh honey, he's not the only one :P

Bobbi Sue said...

I do the same thing! Helps to keep me focused believe it or not. lol

Elle MD said...

uhhh, I listen to yours, mine, and Christy's pretty regularly. Tell Thomas (and others) that it's about time they tuned into something wonderful! : )

Hi, Lauren!

beverlyj said...

I confess that I am one of the ones that mutes the music. LOL