Friday, August 22, 2008

A Love Like That.

I was just reading this amazing woman's blog. Her name is Lana. She and her husband adopted a little girl named Carmen from South America. She fell behind developmentally and was diagnosed with Tay Sachs. This is part of what she wrote:

"Carmen has a difficult road ahead of her as this wretched disease takes over her entire body. Tay Sachs leads rapidly and relentlessly to seizures, loss of sight and hearing, paralysis, inability to swallow and unresponsiveness to her surroundings.

Carmen is a beautiful child. It saddens us to know that, barring a miracle, she will never walk or talk here on earth; her first words and steps will be with Jesus in Heaven. Until that time comes, we have the awesome privilege and responsibility to care for our very special little girl.

We will do everything we can to give her a beautiful life here on earth. We know that incredible blessing will be mixed with the inevitable sorrow. We are experiencing some of these blessings already.

Ultimately, we know that Carmen will touch more hearts and make a greater difference in this world in a few short years than most of us will in a long lifetime."

I want to love like that. Isn't that how God loves us? Our handicaps and struggles endear us to Him even more.

This is the spirit of adoption, by which we cry out, "abba, father."

Lana, you are amazing and so is your family.


Shannon Crane said...

Wow, Lauren. Thanks for sharing Lana's heart... amazing.