Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank You, Jon...for everything you do....

...including giving us a working definition of the three types of pastor's wives.

True or false, Seth read this to me out loud in his office while I peed my pants laughing. True. Well, except for the peeing my pants part...I am really trying to work on that these days.

Anyway, it pretty much made my day, and I want to take a poll on here but I know it would be biased because people might say I'm the nice one even though my secret desire is to be the stealth mystery woman. But whatever. Happy Reading!

P.S. No one to my knowledge has responded to my post about the name of my reality show that is Grey's Anatomy meets Anne of Green Gables meets The Real World meets Travel the Road meets Battlestar Gallactica (ok, so I just threw that one in there...). Come on people, don't let me down here!

I will do a whole post on how much I love you if you come up with a name. It might even start being a blog series...what's it worth to you?