Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Name is Lauren...

...and I am addicted.

to facebook.

almost had a stroke today when I realized that I hadn't been on facebook for a whole day and a half.

[I like straightening my hair with my chi. I like turning on the lights. I like checking my facebook. SUE me. ]

good thing I didn't live in the 1800s when they didn't have that kind of thing.

although along those lines, I wouldn't have minded living in the middle ages. It wasn't cool then to be less than a size twelve. Now those were the days...

ah. nostalgia.

I digress.

I love facebook. The longest I have gone without looking at my facebook was a whole seven days in Haiti. It was probably good for me to see my ridiculous FB habit.

they say the first step is admitting you have a problem.

holla back atcha girl if you are addicted too. (Or if you love you some Middle Ages!)



beverlyj said...

My Grandma always teased that in her past life she was a skinny little woman in the middle ages and prayed that in her next life she would look like those full figured girls everyone careful what you wish for! LOL.

Whittaker Woman said...

You are funny. I am not addicted to face book, I have one but really am never on it. However blogging, now that is a different story. H

Michal said...

1. I would LOVE to live in the Middle Ages....
2. I'm glad someone else admits that they are addicted to Facebook.
Love you!