Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Princess Kristin!

Happy Birthday to my firstborn niece,

Kristin Elaine Biggs

Hard to believe that six years ago today I looked into the isolette and it was definitely love at first sight.

The day Kristin was born, my parents and I were out in Anaheim, CA for the Christian Booksellers' Assoc. Convention and Shannon was scheduled for a c-section that day. Mom said it was okay if we got there late and had plans to fly out the next day, the nineteenth. But when Ryan called that morning at 6 am to let us know that miss Kristin Elaine was in process, mom couldn't wait and she just haaaaaaaaaad to get out there on the eighteenth. So dad gets on the horn and calls the airline and gets our flight moved.

Kristin with her beloved Mamaw and baby Ellie in Mexico.

Then came the harrowing cab ride from Anaheim to LAX in LA. I saw my life flash before my eyes as our cabbie somewhat seamlessly weaved in and out of scary traffic. Of course, once we got in line for our airline, I looked down and realized my suitcase was missing. I was slightly bitter but got lots of new clothes...
We had ten minutes to get across one of the largest airports in the world and so we pulled a Home Alone and started running through the aiport. Lots of people were staring at us.
We boarded the plane and high-tailed it to Texas. The first thing I saw was a beautiful Biggs baby lying in the isolette blinking at me. And the whole trip was worth it in that one minute.

She is in love with life, Jesus, Hannah Montana, Keith Urban, and ice cream. She is good at giving hugs, being a big sister to Hannah and Ellie, and singing on top of the coffee table (wonder where she gets that...)

She has a precious spirit and God has big dreams for her.
Happy Birthday, sweetheart! We love you!


Susie said...

AWWWWW She's so CUTE...reminds me of another little girl I met in a tiny Bible Book Store many years ago! Isn't being an Aunt one of the most wondeful things! I love it!

Anna Osmon said...

I really LOVE the last picture! :)

The Jeffers Clan said...

She's adorable. I think she looks a lot like you.

Lacy said...

Your neice is beautiful! She looks like she is a sweet little happy girl!!

The Jeffers Clan said...

Lauren...I can't figure out how to post my header from scrapblog without adding it as a post and then it is in the wrong spot. Any suggestions?