Saturday, May 31, 2008


...Saw Prince Caspian last night.

with good company. (smile.)

I loved it--are you surprised? Just a heads-up, this one is a little darker and there is more violence in it, so younger ages might need to wait a year or two...lots of swordfighting. Cried only a little at the end, not full-on ugly cry like in the first film. The soundtrack was amazing, especially this song: The Call by Regina Spektor (S-I found it without staying to the very end--there were a lot of credits, I know :)
Also got to eat at Biaggi's last're jealous, I know--it was to celebrate the fact that Seth and I have been dating a year on June 8 (can't go out then--I will be overseas). Had a lovely eggplant parmesan.
My lack of blogging in the next two weeks is not because I do not love you, Blogerotsky, but rather because I will be with Haitian people and then at Indian Creek to hang out with the kiddos of two of my beloved blogging amigas, Bev and Becky. I get to be the cabin mom for Tali and Grace. Love it!! I will post at least one more time before i leave so that you can join me in prayer for my trip and for camp.