Monday, May 19, 2008

"Disaster Fatigue..."

If you read this article, you will find the definition of that particular phrase.

And if you are like me, you might throw up a little bit in your mouth.

Because for me,

Disaster Fatigue=another term for SELFISHNESS

What is wrong with us?

I think I know. We forget that the stuff we acquire will never make us happy. But we refuse to change our lifestyles.

If our goods are not available to the community, they are stolen goods.

Martin Luther


Indy (a.k.a. IndiNana) said...

Off Topic - What happened to Michal's blog?

Lauren said...

she changed her url--I will have her let you know about it!

Indy (a.k.a. IndiNana) said...

ahhhhh.......thanks :-)

Indy (a.k.a. IndiNana) said...

Laur.....I found the new website