Monday, April 28, 2008

Photos and Mind Dump.

There are Kristin and Hann in all their glory: matching t-shirts and eating subway.

the kid loves to eat. Must be genetic. And check out the purple headband. I have a good feeling she wanted the purple one not because it matched, but precisely because it was indeed purple. I already know she looks like me when she eats. You should see her at Mi Pueblo...
  • Go to Judy's blog for the whole story on my little characters and their hilarious ways.

  • It's official: I am the new Director of University Housing at OCU! Big girl job...YAY!
  • I'm looking around this apartment, and it's not pretty, folks. I think about moving and I never want to buy anything again. I want to give the majority of my worldly goods to Goodwill (not so much because I am a giving person--I am, but not that giving...I just don't want to move all of this crap.) Wonder if they do pick-up...
  • I really want to see a couple of movies coming out. Hello, Made of Honor!! Seth said he didn't want to see it (he said he already met his quota of chick flicks in our relationship. I say one [27 Dresses, which he enjoyed, btw] is not sufficient. I watched two Bourne movies in one night!! I do love the Bourne movies in all fairness). So I'm looking for someone to go with me. Any takers, blogerotsky?
  • I want Starbucks so badly right now. My body is screaming for a Caramel Macchiato. Sweet baby those things are good!
  • I have been reading this amazing book called The Passionate Church. If you guys are serious about discipleship in the Church Universal, you want this book. You really, really want it. LIFESHAPES--I soooo want to teach this concept!
  • God has been doing some very significant things in my heart for church growth beginning about six months ago. Little did I know then that we would see God use it at my precious FBC Bicknell...God is moving, and I can't wait for the opportunity to share more about that with you...stay tuned!!
  • One of my lifelong dreams is to be a radio Deejay. How fun would that be? Not sure where that came from...
  • had some fabulous blogs in the last couple of days. Single ladies (don't know how many of you read this blog) please check out the post directed to singles--and don't settle for anything less than that!
  • please pray for me. It's going to be a busy week, and I need Jesus to do some big finals-I would love to pass all my classes with flying colors this semester and maybe even make the dean's list again...Your prayer is appreciated.
  • Pray for my friend that I tutor. His final is on Wednesday and he's pretty nervous. Can't give you his name, but God knows :)
  • please pray also-tonight is our last meeting for Response this year--my heart is weeping for these women that I love more than anything!!

love you all! Thanks for your prayers!


Christy said...

You'll have to give us a call. Aimee & I go to the movies a lot. As often as possible that is. (I must say it's an addiction) We love the new cinema at French Lick!! Congrats on the job!! You would make an awesome deejay!!