Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Night Mind Dump.


  • I love my life. The joy, the sorrow, the beauty, the ugly. I love it all.

  • My friends Jeremy and Katie are now parents (see the prayer request post somewhere below) and they have the sweetest, cutest, dimple-faced, dark haired little boy EVER.

  • The retreat is this weekend. I won't be posting, but you can be praying:

  • Didn't my love do a good job on the graphic?
  • Speaking of "Setharooskie," as my nieces call him, he came to visit me tonight and it was the best part of my day. Gosh I love that guy.
  • Plus, Jami came over to hang out with us. BONUS!
  • A blog is coming on Transparency. look for it...
  • Watching American Justice right now. LOVE IT.
  • We came in waaay under budget for food for the retreat due to people's generosity. I love the Body of Christ!
  • God is better to me than I deserve, even when I choose not to see it.
  • I watched Izzy yesterday for the first time in, like, three weeks. I wish you all would have seen her face when I walked in! It was precious. I KNOW she was glad to see me. And she's sitting up by herself now. : D
  • Jami and I were talking about being good moms tonight because of her sweet sister Stacey, who from what I've heard is an awesome mama to her three little boys (Jami and I have developed a plan for arranged marriage of her three nephews to my three nieces). I can only hope to be as good of a mom as some of the women I know. I pray that I can be like them.
  • If I don't get a new Grey's episode soon, I may go into a serious funk.
  • Pray for Michal and Rochelle as they travel to Florida (must be nice.) trying not to be jealous :)
  • So glad David Archuleta is going to dominate American Idol.
  • I need a vacay too! Looking forward to Adam and Claire's wedding up north. That's the closest I'll get to one in a while!
  • INTERACTIVE: I think Seth and I are going to the OCU's spring formal in April, and I am gonna buy a new dress, dang it. So should it be black or red?
  • God is going to move this weekend. I'm looking forward to watching Him.
  • If you are reading this, I love you!


Anna Osmon said...

Lauren I love you :) And you should get a black dress. They are simple and are simply gorgeous! :)

Christy said...

Definetly black, you look great in black. Did you read my post on David Archuleta?? He is SO adorable. Hace a GREAT GOD weekend. Love Ya Sista!

Carol said...

Definately a black dress...and I want to see pictures! :)

Lauren said...

Oh, I am so excited because we will be "power couple" with Seth in his tux and me in a black dress. Found one, by the way!!

Christy, David is my ace in the hole and I laughed out loud when i read that post!!

love you all...xoxo

Terri said...

Black is my favorite and yes it will be so, so pretty. Also, this was just another chance to say I love you--and love the graphic by guys amaze me!

Michal said...

You are so freakin' sweet! I love you!

Michal said...

oh...and go with the black dress. Never fails.

Michal said...

You are so freakin' sweet! I love you!