Monday, February 25, 2008

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Rotting Nasties.

Definitely cleaned out the fridge tonight. It really smelled bad in my apt. So bad, in fact, that I almost gagged during Bible Study tonight.

and I did gag numerous times as we threw the nasties away.

Two trash bags. Don't forget that we are still college kids (even if I act like an 80-year-old sage at times) and to be honest, it would have been two full bags had we not thrown away some of the plastic containers that held the nasties.

Thanks to Rachel (my roommate) who assisted

and Jami who doesn't live here but who has mucho practice in fridge cleaning so she was like Jesus to us.

Another one of the nasties is the fact that Seth painted the majority of the parsonage, and then we decided it was too dark. Must be painted again. oy vey.

Aren't rotting nasties the reminder that we live in a fallen world full of perishables?

Okay, ugly post. Fair enough.

For something a little more beautiful, see Becky's blog for her sweet post about marriage. It's really precious and so is the picture that goes with it. love you, girl.

I wish I could tell you to read Seth's blog too, but HE HAS NOT POSTED IN A WHILE.
(see honey, that's a hint...)


BeckyB. said...

thanks for the sweet shout-out to my blog... AND for calling Seth out on his lack-of-blogging... i've wanted to do the same, but it sounds so much sweeter coming from you. i'd just be mean about it :)