Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chatty Cathys. And why I got my feelers hurt.

Don't you hate it when you hear people talking unkindly about you?

so do I.

This one time, I was in a bathroom stall last summer, and I heard a friend come into the room, oblivious to the fact that I was using the potty. She started trashing on me and didn't know I was there. Awkward. I just sat there and waited it out so that she didn't feel worse.

People are always watching or listening. And they certainly aren't deaf. That happened to me again this morning when I got back to school. yuck.

Let that be a lesson to us all. Reminds me of that scene in Ocean's 11 when Julia Roberts tells Andy Garcia that in his hotel, there's always someone listening.

Even if I hadn't heard what was said about me, God did. And I'm not perfect, but I've been through a lot. And He knows that. The kind of folks that will pat you on the back to your face and do something else when you turn around are the kind of friends I can do without.

Now it's awkward. And they really do think I'm "that girl..."

and not in a good way.

Lesson: Shut up if you can't be nice, lauren.


BeckyB. said...


this happened to me once too... jim called me from my mom's house and left a voice mail... and didn't hang up the phone. the message he left consisted of he and my mom and everyone sitting there talking about me. it sucked. not that what they were saying wasn't true to a point, it just sucked that they were talking about it behind my back, but no one bothered talking TO me. it was a hurt hard to get over.

so i totally understand what you're saying.