Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Names Part III.

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I put the pen to paper with a smile. Confession: I wrote the wrong last name at first out of habit. Of course, she is still using that name until we go to the courthouse and get her new paperwork, but she practices saying her new name and it sounds so rich, so thick with mercies new.  

We chose new middle names to represent a new heritage and a new legacy.

Tabbitha Wynne.

Wynne, after my sweet father. His middle name is Wynn. Admittedly unusual for a man, I know-- but my grandmother Toots gave rhyming middle names to her three children: Lynn, Gwen, and Wynn.
Wynne means fair {free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice/ legitimately sought, pursued, done, given/marked by favoring conditions; likely; promising}.
Wynne also means pure {free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; free from extraneous matter}.
The meaning is such a perfect representation of what we ask God to do in Tabbi's life on a daily basis.

O Lord, that she would be fair, marked by her desire for justice and moved with love and compassion for each one she meets, paying no mind to things like economic status, race, living situation. May she know she has been legitimately sought not only by her parents, but by her Heavenly Father, who pursues her ardently and who has marked her for life with His relentless love. God, our prayer is that she may be pure in mind, body, and spirit - unpolluted by the lesser things - free to set her heart and mind on You alone, caught up in the great Love Story and purified by the fiery ways of the Holy Spirit.

Heather Marie Jamison.

H is truly convinced and hopeful that we will indeed change her name to Hello Kitty Alexander. Seth and I wanted her name to have slightly more significance (sorry to all you Sanrio fans!). I started calling her Heather Marie when she came to live with us for a couple of different reasons, the first being that we said her full name a lot because that's what all the sitcoms great parenting books told us to do when she got in trouble. Slowly, it became such a habit that when I asked her to practice what would have been her adoptive name, Heather Jamison Alexander, she would say, 


Clearly, we had to rethink her name. It is a form of Mary, and two of my favorite Biblical heroines share that name: Mary of Bethany and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Two beautiful stories of taking risks and living out unexpected but welcomed adventures. 
MaryB seeing the dead come to life with her very own eyes and worshiping Him with excessive abandon, anointing Him with a most expensive perfume and drawing ridicule for her measure of extravagant love toward Christ. 
Mama Mary won me over as the serious-about-her-obedience Foster Mom of Jesus.  What a woman! That my precious middle child would also live out these words: 
 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.”
Jamison is what I used to call my best friend back when we first met. Jami is the most delightful and beautiful friend anyone could hope to have because of her generous spirit and her love of God. She is precious to me and I pray for my girls to see Aunt Jami as a role model - someone who is steadfast, faithful, and wise.

The name Jamison is translated from the name Jacob, an admittedly wily character in Scripture...but also someone who desired the blessing and favor of God so deeply that he hung onto Him with all his might.

Father, that our lovely daughter would daily call herself your servant. That she would be an extravagant worshipper, her hands filled with an offering and her heart filled with gratitude. Make her one who won't let go until she sees your face - for that is the greatest blessing of all.

 Tyler Ryan Thomas.

Ty is named after two men Seth and I love so much. Ryan is my big brother's name. We were born almost twelve years apart and he has always been a special caretaker in my life. Like the time he gave me 600 bucks when I was down and out in college. Or the way he called me to check on me after mom died - always on the worst days. He is my brother, but he has always had a father's intuition about me. The name Ryan means kingly and royal.
The name Thomas means twin, and I have nothing to say about it save that I'M GLAD HE WASN'T ONE AND EVERYTHING. Thomas is Seth's father's name. A man of his word, faithful to the end, loves his wife and family, steady as a rock. Generous. Loves the scriptures. The Biblical Thomas, who has been ridiculed for centuries for that moment of doubt, is rarely credited for his moment of triumph found in this verse
Then Thomas said to the rest of the disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with him.
Father, we pray for our sweet Ty...may his wisdom come directly from on high - may he be granted influence to minister to those around him, and may he us that influence as his uncle and grandfather do, with honor. Give him courage to lead others and strength to follow You no matter the cost.

Their soon-to-be surname: Alexander. 
 {Defender, protector of men}.

These three children now come from a long line of people on both sides who love the underdog. It makes so much sense as I watch their daddy serve this community and encouraging those far from God with abundant life in Jesus Christ. They are being adopted so that someday they too can stand up for people who stand alone.

Lord, we pray for our children to be defenders and protectors. Shine your light through them as a beacon of love and grace. May they delight in giving second chances, may they relish seeing others succeed and thrive. Break their hearts for your Gospel Promise. We pray these three understand and enjoy giving up their lives for the sake of others' and more importantly for the sake of Jesus.

Christian {Little Christ}.

The Name most important to us as parents...the Name we pray they carry throughout their existence.

May they always bring honor and glory to your name, O Lord. We pray they would live for your purpose, pointing others to the cross and becoming more familiar with You every day. May they know your name early and speak it often. We pray they might understand the fullness of your love and grace. We pray they would know that You simply call them "Mine" and this knowledge shapes their future. Amen.

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 Know this, beloved one....He knows your name, too. If you don't like your name, ask Him for a new one. Just like He is doing for us and our children, God is rewriting your story...a beautiful redemption. What used to define you doesn't have to define you anymore.

Just like we know why we call our children these names, He knows why He calls you Redeemed. There is purpose and hope in hearing Him call your name, because it means that you've been rescued to do great things for Jesus.

We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.
{Psalm 20}

How about a song or two today to help you remember your identity in Him?
I pray these words breathe life into your soul.
I pray you hear Him call your name today.....


Anonymous said...


I so loved reading the blogs about names. Craig and I are deep in this discussion now. We want to give our son a name with significance. Praying for you and your family...so excited for you all during this time!!!

Jessica Mackey

Lauren said...

Thank youm beautiful Jess! I know your baby boy will have such a fulfilling life in the Lord with such special parents! Wishing you joy as you get closer to the big day!!

Brandy Murry said...

Lauren...Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your journey. I loved your posts about names! I was so curious as to what you and Seth had picked for your sweet children. I remember your encouraging words when I was freaking out about naming our newest edition. You said to pray and ask God for a name with meaning. He listens and he is faithful. We can hardly wait to meet our little Elliah Suzanne. (Elliah...a female variation of Elijah. HEBREW meaning My God is Yahweh & Yahweh answers. Suzanne after my precious mother in law...one of the sweetest God fearing ladies I have ever met). Thanks for the inspiration :) And thanks for all the mighty prayers you have been sending up on behalf of baby E and I. Love you girly!

Lauren said...

It has been my honor to read your story and to pray for Elliahs...Tam and I were talking last Thursday about how beautiful Elliah's name is, and how much significance is behind it! Just like Jaelee, she will be a mighty woman of God!