Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like A Child.

Sometimes I wish the Body of Christ acted more like a bunch of little girls.  

We often spend too many a moment acting like big shots, pointing fingers and blaming others, pretending we have God figured out, cynically talking trash about the Church--His Bride. (I bet He loves that, by the way.)  

Those activities keep us so preoccupied that we have no opportunity to marvel at His incredible work like a child at the flannel board in Sunday School. 

Kids are the cat's pajamas in the Kingdom of God (Jesus Himself said that one time), for children have been graced with eyes to truly view
 what can't be seen. As we grow older, life's callouses cover our vision so we miss out.  

It's socially acceptable for little looky-loos to crawl next to people's shoes, maneuvering to the front of the crowd to see what is really going on. Big people just wait in the back and hear whispers of greatness, longing to catch a beautiful glimpse but too caught up in themselves to do the same.

There is no room in the Kingdom for those who don't enjoy serving Him and find it akin to a spirited treasure hunt.

Like I said, I wish God's people acted more like a bunch of little girlsNot just any little girls, but the ones I observed last weekend.  FBC Bicknell is a charter church for an organization called American Heritage Girls.  AHG is very similar in vision and mission to the Boy Scouts and a lady from our FBC Family started the chapter and leads the group.  A few months ago, my friend Brittany dreamed up a very cool fundraiser where we pampered women with mani/pedis and facials and dessert.  We used the money to buy pajamas and Bibles for some of the foster kids we know.  The leadership of AHG heard about the fundraiser and offered their help to make the project bigger than we ever dreamed. 
Writing their names to reveal who packed the bag

These little girls, some as young as age 5, became aware of a unique need in our area and got down to business meeting it.  The young ladies collected all kinds of toiletry items and toys, made no-sew blankets and sewed special bags for each child.  Last Saturday was the culmination of months of determined effort.  

Call me close to the cause but it touched me deeply as I watched the little girls go in groups from station to station picking age-appropriate gifts, hygiene items and small toys, taking their time to consider what each child would want most.  After each bag was filled, the little group of girls would pull up chairs and fold their little arms around their heads.  Tenderly each girl offered a prayer for the foster child who would receive the bag.  

I overheard the most precious words during that time...words that must've bent the heart of God near in half.  Small hands creatively holding and relishing eternal significance on a Saturday morning normally filled with cereal and cartoons.

This is what the Bride of Christ does -- she enjoys God.  She delights in what makes Him happy.  That's what I saw on Saturday.  
The girls giggled and squinted while choosing games.  Older girls smelled little shampoos to see which fragrance was the best.  They delighted in carefully picking blankets.  

Each one enjoyed talking to God - a little smitten, a little shy, but still lingering in conversation with Him as though there's no one else on earth but Him and her.
"Some say faith is a childish game. Play on children, like it's Christmas Day." {drew holcomb}

 Jesus, help us to fall deeply in love with you, as your Bride should.
Perhaps a song or two to bring our calloused eyes and heart back into focus?
Local to Knox County and interested in AHG?  Informational meeting at FBC Bicknell on August 21st at 6:30 PM.