Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Hearts.

Our Table for the Be Mine Breakfast
 Last year we began a tradition with our three littles.  We had a Be Mine Breakfast for them!  I can't claim this as an original idea because Seth's mom Patti used to fix a special breakfast for Seth and his sister Shelly on Valentine's Day when they were young and Seth told me about it.  I have to admit that 2011's breakfast was not as awesome as I dreamed it would be because some people had one no-good, terrible, horrible case of The Grumpies.  Our former DCS caseworker had the, ahem, pleasure of joining us that day and she was probably never so glad to get out of our house!

Have no fear, this year was much improved! After a few moments of growling courtesy of my littlest little, he overcame for a plate of syrupy pancakes and some chocolate-covered strawberries.  A great time was truly had by all.
The girls got a few special tokens of love!  Most of it was leftover from my shop or old stationary things I had tucked away.  It cost us just a few dollars at the most.  Tabbi and Heather love stickers, memo pads, and inexpensive jewelry.

Ty got quite a tray of excitement. Tres exciting, no?  In that sippy cup lies the A*Team Holy Grail: Chocolate Milk from the Chocolate Cow.  We don't believe in Nestle Quik around these parts.

Seth got the shock of his life when he opened yet ANOTHER exciting gift from me...a brand-new polo shirt.  There are no bounds to my creativity.  Or his wardrobe, turns out.

Papaw came to hang out with us this morning, and he got each of the littles a special gift.  This 24-piece puzzle went to Miss T.

I got about as crafty as I get this morning.  I found some cute printables, bought some mason jars, and put Lucky Charms cereal inside of them.  (If I would have had time, I would have put just the marshmallows in.  Don't even pretend like you eat the ruffage that comes with those GLORIOUS hearts, stars, horseshoes, etc.)  Then, on the back of the printable, I wrote "We are Lucky to get to love you!"  Dad seemed happy with a bowl of cereal for the road!

The Littles simply begged to make an appearance on the I told them that in order for me to be in compliance with the State, they would have to wear their SECRET ADMIRER DISGUISES.  Baby Boy looks like he may just fly away with the heart of every lady who visits Mom's blog.  Daring to go where no baby has gone's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Ty Ty!

I apologize for the blurry photo, but if you know the Queen of Hearts, you know she doesn't let her seat get warm.  However, she would like to announce that she is accepting all flavors of "lick gloss" and all colors of OPI in her Valentine box.  She sends you a smooch and reminds you to keep your clown noses where little brothers can't find them.

Check out her shirt.  She is a brown-noser, huh?  Or maybe a red-noser.  Either way, this little beauty loves her mom.  Miss T would Pity Da Fool that didn't give her extra laffy taffy to share with her old lady.
Papaw even got into the spirit with just an eensy-weensy bit of prompting.  He wants the loyal blog reader to know that he had these same glasses in the fifth grade.  The sticker was from the ever-generous (except when it comes to the aforementioned "lick gloss") Heather.
Our new friend Bobbie joined in our Be Mine Breakfast and modeled not only our Secret Admirer glasses but also that delicious hat my father gifted her.  No one wears it better, girl!  Notice the two stickers, one from each of the little ladies as a guest-gift.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into our very special Be Mine Breakfast as well as your Valentine's Day.  Aren't you glad to know you have at least three Secret Admirers?  Grin.  Remember, the A*Team loves ya, pretty babies!  We love ya so much we can barely even stand it!

Jesus loves you too.  Remember, you're the apple of His eye today and every day!


Nicole said...

I absolutely love it! Happy Valentines Day, Lauren. I remember we used to celebrate your bday on V-Day... since it WAS one of your favorite days of all time, and I was never in the same state as you on your real bday. :-) I'm glad you have a wonderful family who treasures this day as much as you!
And, Ty Ty DID steal my heart, for the record. :-) Love your babies! Love you and Seth and PawPaw mucho. :-)

Patti Alexander said...

This makes me so happy...glad you had such a great is wonderful to see traditions carried out!