Monday, December 7, 2009

That Girl: Walk of Shame

I had the honor of speaking at Church of the Cross in Shoals yesterday. I got up, got ready, and put my shoes on and left my apartment in Oakland City. It wasn't until an hour later when I arrived in Loogootee that I realized I had one high-heeled shoe on and one wedge.

Now in order to defend myself I shall tell you that they were both the same color and minus a bow they look pretty much the same at the top.

After I confessed to certain members of the church, one of them asked me if it was uncomfortable for one heel to be bigger than the other.

I said, "Oh no. It actually works out since one of my legs is longer than the other one."

There's always an upside, people. ALWAYS.


Chelsa said...

you make me smile :)

Nicole Ricketts said...

Classic, Laur. You crack me up!!! You might need to organize the shoe rug by the door... :-)