Wednesday, December 2, 2009

That Girl Moment #1012: Deck The Halls

On Monday nights, Seth and I always have date night. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you have read about how much I enjoy these times. Generally Seth drives to visit me, we go out to eat, and then do something else that's fun, whether it's working on wedding stuff (might not be too fun for him...) or going window-shopping or watching The Closer on TNT. Mondays are great.

This particular Monday, Seth and I had made plans to put up the Christmas tree at his house. So instead of our usual plans, I went over to the parsonage. I walked in and bless his heart, he surprised me by making dinner. The table was set and the meal was so good. He is precious to me.

However, as per my standard of living, I could not just have a "normal" experience with Seth as we kept our yearly tradition of putting up the tree together, though. After dinner, I cleaned up (it's only fair) and we headed into the living room.
Now as you know, Seth loves to be organized, and he has two plastic bins in which he keeps Christmas decor. It makes it so much easier to decorate when everything is organized!

Oh so it would seem.....

He has a huge Skechers shoebox wherein all of the ornaments, both plastic and glass, make their little twinkly home. Seth instructed me to dump out the box of ornaments onto the floor so that we could hang them on the tree.

He probably assumed that I would remove the wrought iron ornaments first so that they didn't crush the glass ones.

You know what they say about making assumptions! Skechers boxes have an attached top and so I just pulled both sides open toward the floor. Those little suckers spilled out and I heard a sound that made me sick. Apparently the ornaents rumbled and the big Christmas Tree ornaments had won in their gang fight against the cute glass bulbs. It was bloody. I had broken three bulbs.

OH TANNENBAUM. OH TANNENBAUM. That Girl should not be near you!

I am so blessed to be marrying an extremely patient man who looked at the SHARDS O' GLASS stuck in his berber carpet and shook his head a little while I groveled a lot.

"Please don't apologize anymore. They are just ornaments I bought 6 years ago. Cheap ornaments. It's okay. It really doesn't matter," he reassured.

I still felt pretty much like crap. They were ornaments he had managed not to break for six years. I had broken them even before they were OUT OF THE BOX!!

ay yi yi yi yi.

Trying to save face as the Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart/Sandra Lee wannabe wife-to-be, I went to work on my next assignment: emptying a vase of small rocks and filling it with small plastic silver bulbs. I did it with beauty and grace, too.

Until I accidentally knocked over the vase onto the remaining glass ornaments and broke about three more.

We were talking about The Ornament Incident last night at premarital counseling. Seth explained to the pastor what had happened and said, "They came from WalMart six years ago. I mean, it's not like she broke a baby or something..."

YIKES! I hope I get some more dexterity before then.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!


Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Oh, he's a keeper that one! i"m so happy for you.. And if they were just walmart ornaments 'tree filler' as it were, at least they weren't heirlooms, right?
Love you!!

Chelsa said...

oh lauren- how your stories make me laugh!
and seriously- they are just ornaments... now if you break the baby... haha j/k j/k!

Paige said...

What a funny post! Bless your sweet little heart, but bless you both that he has placed you together. Those ornaments represented his past without you in it, so go get you both some new ones that will become your future together! (P.S. Just know where they are packed before you empty the box next year!) Blessings!

Nana said...

This one made me guffaw!

Nicole said...

Laur- I could practically see the entire evening before me. :-) Oh how I love you and Seth so much! hahaha.

PS: I got to meet Jose today, and it was amazing!!!

M J said...

hehe May I suggest 2 boxes for ornaments this year? 1 for the breakable ones, and one for the heavier and more durable ones. Label them well! ;)