Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hungry for Love

I was having dinner with my dad and some friends the other night when he mentioned something that made me stop and think. As he told my new friends a little bit about my mom, he shared about our bookstore and the ministry that came of it.

"Cheryl always said that when people came in and wandered around for a little while, and then came up to the counter and said, 'I don't know why I'm here,' that she was to encourage and pray with them."

I want to be careful not to make the woman who birthed me into some kind of saint on this blog, but she was a mighty fine lady. She was also onto something.

People are hungry for something and they don't even know what.

But we do.

It's called love. Sometimes people just need to be loved.
Even mean people.
Even cold people.
Even difficult people.
Even people who have abandoned the faith.
Even people who have hurt us deeply in the past.
Even people who are absent--those who have checked out of life as they knew it.

It's true that some people need a swift kick in the rear as well--that is also loving when appropriate.

They wander in and out of our lives just like they wandered in and out of our store.

Do you see their hunger? Do you even notice them?

Maybe it's a coworker that's always hanging out at the water cooler with sad looking eyes. Maybe it's your daughter's friend Aubrey who is ALWAYS over at your house and requires much more patience than you have to offer at times. Maybe it's a family member who is always critical to you and everyone else but keeps coming over to visit.

Do we see them? Do we hear their unvoiced cries for help? Do we have the courage to passionately share His truth with them in love? Or do we ignore them in order to maintain our pristine image and perfect social life and some sense of our sanity?

We have a divine responsibility to take the time and spare willingly the energy required to truly love people who float in and out of our lives. (Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we should enable people or allow them to abuse our bodies, minds, or spirits.) Everyone so desperately needs love.

Maybe it's you, dear reader. Maybe you're the one who stumbled upon this blog and you don't even know why you are reading or following this blog. Can I know your name and your story? It would be my honor to pray with you and to encourage you along this sometimes bumpy road called life? If you're not sure why you are here, please email me at lauren.thatgirl@gmail.com and tell me about you. It would be my honor to listen.

If you know of someone who has wandered into your life, I dare you to show them the love of Christ and see what happens. If that's the case, I encourage you to leave a comment with a prayer over the first name of the person in your life who needs the most love.


Christy said...

I happen to think you mamma was pretty close to "sainthood" and I happen to think her daughter is following in her footsteps well... Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

As I read your post and listened to All I Can Say from your music player I could not help but think I am that person right now that needs love. Love of myself and from some others in my life. Because of a health situation life has become something different for me lately and I am adjusting and learning...and having difficulty with it all.

Thank you for the reminder....not only to love me but to share the love of Christ with others...even when I don't feel like it.

(and if your stats show a random visitor stopping for the length of a song pretty often....it's just me listening to that song:)

You are an encouragement to me Lauren and if though I don't know you IRL...you still bless my heart tremendously :)

Anonymous said...

Lauren, you nailed it in the hole.. this is such a confirmation to a LOT the Lord has been showing me this season. What a concept - love. There's so much to such a short word. Thanks lady! -Sheryl

Lauren said...

I love you! You are so wonderful and such an awesome instrument for God's glory!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, from one who is absent and difficult and desperately needs to be loved... and needs God's strength and comfort so I can be that love and reflection of Christ to others.

Meghan said...

Lauren! I've missed catchin with you. Your most recent post was such an encouragement to me and such a beautiful reminder of our calling as His servants. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Let's catch up soon! Love you.

Kristin said...

I needed to read that today. I have a SIL that at times..all the time causes me to wonder why she has to be the way she is. I was praying yesterday for God to show me how/if we should confront her actions. I think for now I just need to pray that He give me the heart of kindness towards her. Thank you for your encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your GOD filled wisdom...there is a young man at OCU that needs prayers and God filled love...I leave his name unspoken as our Lord God knows the situation...

Thanks Lauren! You're such an awesome young woman.